William Burton | 18 | Occupation: High School Student | House #3 | Open


  • Basketball
  • Partying
  • Red
  • Playing video games with his brothers
  • Architecture


  • People with annoying voices
  • Volleyball
  • Yellow
  • Perky girls
  • Dumb blondes
  • Criminals


  • Father: Jackson Burton
  • Mother: Wilma H. Burton
  • Brothers: Jace, Carter, and Benjamin Burton
  • Sister: Kayla Burton (deceased)

Reaction to being chosen

  • “I really did not expect anything like this to happen to me in my life and I’m pretty frightened about it. Going to someplace I have never even knew existed is a new and uneasy thing for me to process.”
Biography & Personality
William was a peaceful person at heart. he was never in any trouble whatsoever because he couldn’t see that it would solve anything. He believes that everyone should get along and that every argument has its compromises. He’s basically a peace maker; he’s kind, he’s generous, and he has a way with words. After his sister’s death, his family changed dramatically. His mother would have flashbacks of the car accident that Kayla got into and why she wasn’t there to save her. His mother blamed everything on herself. She sought help from a therapist a few months after he depression went away. The family tries to stay as normal as possible but his mother claims that she could feel Kayla’s presence in the house and she would also claim to have seen her at times of sorrow.

William was very close to his younger sister because he would always play with her when no one else would. And since she didn’t have the luxury of having another sister, William was there to always keep her company. She died at the age of 7. Even he fell into some sort of depression state, but note as severe as his mothers. He always wishes for her to come back one day, even though he knew it won’t ever happen.